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One of the biggest concerns for all tourists before they begin their travels is their accommodation. No tourists wants to set outside their house without knowing for sure where they would want to stay. Under such a condition, most tourists tend to cancel any plans for vacations because they cannot appropriate accommodation.

So, Come Sail Away with Latin Loafer, an organization operating in Australia providing the choicest of accommodation throughout the country for any tourists or locals wishing to stay here. With a passion for serving and a knack for always being perfect, we provide some of the best accommodation packages for our customers.

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September is upon us, and for thousands of students it’s time to start thinking about where to stay next academic year. Yes, let’s be clear, the university is important, but equally important is to find a ‘ home fit and comfortable.

No, it’s not a complicated thing, just have a lot of patience, don’t stop at the first house you are looking at, understand exactly what you are looking for, how to look for it, always evaluate the pros and cons before stopping the house and above all beware of scams.

Where stay?
is to decide where to stay.

Independent apartment
Room in a shared apartment

it’s up to you to choose according to your budget, your character and your spirit of adaptation.

Where to look?
If you opt for the studentate, it is usually accessed through the competition, so in this case you have to check the calls for bids on your institution’s university website.

For private homes, single apartment , room or bed you can

Read the ads posted on the university notice boards
Search in specialized real estate sites By contacting a real estate agency in the area NB To deepen these two first points I suggest you to read how to find accommodation for university students

Don’t be rushed
Often the announcements are not truthful, you always go to see the rooms or the houses, don’t stop it without seeing it because often what looks like a castle from the description can turn out to be a hovel.

Before stopping a house assessed

Where is it located near the university or on the opposite side of the city? Often a house far from the university costs less, but then you have to calculate the transport costs it is served by public transport If it is in condominium, how much the condominium expenses amount to Finally, pay attention to scams



The new academic year will open in just over a month. Are you a freshman at the first experience or have you decided to stop commuting? The first important step to do is to find suitable accommodation. If you don’t know how to do it you’re in the right place, keep reading this guide and you’ll know how.

I’m talking about:

What kind of accommodation to choose
How to find the right accommodation.
What kind of accommodation to choose
The first important step to finding the right accommodation is to understand what you are looking for.

A room in the student residence
A room in a shared apartment
An independent apartment
What is studentate?
The student residence is a structure composed of single and double rooms, with common recreational spaces, spaces dedicated to the study, kitchens, laundries etc.

These structures are home to many students and for the quiet life they are equipped with regulations to which all students must adhere

Generally they are large structures with 10-15 rooms (even more) in addition to the common areas.

The costs are generally very low as they enjoy public contributions, but to access them you must have certain requirements and be accessed through a notice.

Room in shared apartment.
Structure clearly smaller, three four rooms between singles and doubles. Each student has at his disposal a study corner. The kitchen is usually the only shared environment.

Often the students who live together are given the rules of cohabitation and home management , cleaning etc.

The average national price in recent years is around € 450 per month for a single and € 300 for a double. Obviously the price depends on the city where you will be staying.

Independent apartment
On the independent apartment there is little to say, an accommodation all for you to manage as you see fit, but the costs are high.

How to search
As I told you before, in the student residence, you enter through a notice, so if you want to try to enter it, you should keep an eye on the calls promoted by the institution in the summer to the university you have chosen.

For private accommodation you can find ads on bulletin boards posted at universities, on rental portals and in specialized newspapers. Before stopping a private room or apartment , go to see it and find out about the type of contract they intend to make, because the “sòla” can be around the corner.


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Our services not only include finding you accommodation but finding you the accommodation that you want. Therefore, we could help you stay with a local, find you a room for yourself, or fix you up in a hotel. Either way, you can be sure we will cater to you and your loved ones. So, you can find packages for individuals, couples or groups.

We also help our customers find accommodation packages for the length of time that they want to stay with us. So, you could find packages ranging from up to 15 days to as low as 3 days. This gives you maximum flexibility and maximum time to explore Australia like you have never done before.

We also serve students who might not have proper accommodation for their stays. This is one of the most typical aspects of a degree in Australia and we make it easier for all our student customers.

So, come to us today and find the best apartments for your stay.

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